In My Humble Opinion

When you care enough about something, you’re bound to have an opinion. We love hearing the perspectives of our team on the things they’re passionate about – so much that we’re sharing them with the world. Here you can read inspired takes on what’s happening in culture and what it might mean for marketers.

Passion points are powerful marketing tools. They are the things that add colour to your life, the things we actually care about, and the things that actually stick in the mind.

Luke Haynes, Strategy Director

Sporting Organisations and Sponsors need to follow the lead of fans in embracing the full lives of athletes. Not just their professional performance side, but their style, their hobbies and the causes they care about – this is where the magic happens.

Luke Haynes, Strategy Director

It’s no longer just about sponsorship deals that reach the masses. Its about partnerships that solve genuine problems.

Lauren Galloway, General Manager

It is essential that we create ideas that get people talking – whether it’s at the pub, over the water cooler or on WhatsApp.

Vanessa Tucker, Creative Director

Covid taught us that passions are resilient to even the most challenging of circumstances

Steve Martin, Global CEO M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment

Our new Passion Pulse tool gets to the heart of not only what audiences care about, but how they connect and engage with their passions.

Krystyna Frassetto, Managing Director

As the rise of specialist communities continues, the sponsorship opportunities for brands are virtually endless.

Krystyna Frassetto, Managing Director